Things to do in Tzfat

The Old City of Tzfat is a small place but there is a lot to explore and see in our holy city. Obviously, many people want to visit the old shuls and historic Synagogues and one can find all the relevant info on this site..hence the name Shuls in Tzfat. After you are done visiting the shuls you may want to check out some of these other Tzfat attractions (listed in no particular order):


Tzfat Art Galleries

Alkabetz Street which turns into Beit Yosef street somewhere in the middle is home to many wonderful art galleries representing some of the finest Israeli art and Judaica. Whether you are looking for a tiny souveniur or a very expensive painting – this street has it all. You can find the art gallery street after the steps that come down from the Arizal Shul. When you see the Kosov Shul just make a left and start exploring. Most galleries open around 9-10 am and close at 4-5 pm. If you are coming by car you can park on Ari Street or Alozorov Street and walk from there. The Beit Yosef Synagogue is also located on this street. There is also an underground tour of tunnels from the 16th century that were excavated by Livnot U’Lehibanot. On Mondays and Thursdays you can see Bar Mitzvah processions walking through the galleries with lively music and celebrations. Some awesome galleries to check out are:

Sarah’s Tent Art Gallery  – a high end modern Israeli art gallery located in a 400 year old building.

Canaan Gallery – Tallits made from real weavers on real looms.

Yaakov Kaszemacher Gallery – A legendary Hasidic photography artist whose works are displayed in this gallery.

Emmanuel Fine Art – really cool art from different Tzfat artists and more!




Tzfat Beis HaChaim Historic Cemetery