chernobyl kloyz

Chernobyl Shul in Tzfat

Chernobyl Kloyz

The Chernobyl Kloyz or Shul is a historic Chassidic shul located on Bar Yochai Street. It is very close to the Mekarev Shul, Chortkov and the Ari Shul. The style of davening is a regular chassidish davening.

Weekday davening times:

Shachris: 8 am

Mincha First Minyan – 1:15 pm

Mincha Second Minyan – 6:35 pm

Maariv – 7:15 pm

Davening times on Shabbos:

Mincha and Kabbolas Shabbos: 6:30 pm

Shachris Shabbos Morning: 8:30 am

Mincha Shabbos Afternoon: 5:45 pm