Breslov Shul in Tzfat

Breslov Shul Tzfat

The Big Breslov Shul in Tzfas

The famous Breslov Shul is located in the Kiryat Breslov section of the Old City of Tzfat. People from all over the world go there to daven on Shabbos. It is a very beautiful shul and davening. There is a men’s mikvah nearby and the Breslov Women’s Mikvah is also very close to the shul. Davening times may vary slightly from week to week. The shul is located very close to the Tzfat cemetery.

Weekday Zmanim:

Shachris Vasikin and 7:40 am

Mincha: 20 minutes before Shkiya

Maariv: 20 minutes after Shkiya

Shabbos Schedule (Summer) 

Mincha Erev Shabbos – 6:30 pm (early shabbos)

Shachris: 7:30 am

Mincha Shabbos: 5:45 pm 


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