Attractions in Tzfat

Besides for all the historic shuls in the Old City of Tzfat, there are many fun and interesting attractions and things to do in the Old City of Tzfat. The following is a list of some great attractions in Tzfat. 

The Moshiach Alleyway/Staircase – located on Bar Yochai Street close to the Mekarev Shul. This is a very narrow and steep staircase. Savta Yocheved, who lived at the bottom of the stairs, would sit and wait for the Moshiach (according to some Moshiach will come to the Galil/Tzfat first) to pass by her home on his way to Jerusalem from Tzfat.


The Tzfat Distillery – located on the steps down to the Arizal Shul.The magic of Tzfat has been taken to the next level at Tzfat Distillery 148, all the main elements of the mystical city in one place. Tzfat Distillery houses only Israeli products, from Israel’s First Whisky, local boutique wines, and the most tasteful selection of art and Judaica! Walk into a newly revealed 350-year-old historical site. Attributed to Reb Yankle Doctor of the 1700s, see the revived historical site in use as an energetic lounge and wine cellar! There are wine and whisky tastings and great vibes here.


Tzfat Candle Factory – A fun and fascinating shop featuring cool and artsy candle creations, from complete scenes from the Torah made entirely out of candle wax, to funky candle shapes. Beautiful unique Havdalah candles! Great for kids and adults! Located close to the Ari Shul.


Tzfat Underground Tunnel Tour – the entrance to the tunnel tour is on the same street as all the art galleries. You will need to pay a small fee to enter. The ancient rooms and tunnels that are part of this self guided tour are 500 years old. They were buried underground by the Major Tzfat earthquake in 1837 and were excavated over the last 20 years by volunteers from all over the world. Some of these rooms contain ancient mikvahs and wine cellars and other interesting things to see. The tour finishes in the Beit Hakahal community center which dates back to the 16th century and contains old ovens, water cisterns and more.