The Ari Ashkenazi Shul

Ari Shul in Tzfat

The Arizal Shul

The Ari Shul, named after The Arizal, is one of the oldest shuls in Tzfat. There are differing historical opinions if the Arizal actually prayed in the shul. One opinion is that it was a forest and the Arizal would pray in that area on Friday night and the Shul was built after he passed away. Another opinion is that he did actually pray there but went to a forest nearby sometimes. It is a very beautiful shul to see and it is usually open every day to visit in the morning and afternoon. There are prayers there on Shabbos and during the week there is Mincha and Maariv usually. The shul is located down the steps from Kikar Meginim (The Defenders Square) and it is close to the Candle Factory, Art Galleries and the Kosov Shul.

Shabbos Schedule:

Mincha and Kabbolas Shabbos: 7:35 pm

Shachris: 8 am

During the week (and on Shabbos) there is Shachris, Mincha and Maariv at the Beis Medrash Ari which is another Shul right across from this Shul.


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